Tuesday 3 May 2011

Content farm: How to Open a Jar of Applesauce

  1. Check the label on the jar, to ensure that it says Applesauce.
    NOTE: If the jar does not say applesauce, you can still open it, but it may contain something else.
  2. Place the jar securely on a table or counter
    NOTE: A water-resistant non-slip surface is preferred.
  3. Grasp the jar firmly with your right hand.
    NOTE: If you are left handed, you may instead grasp it with your left hand.
  4. Inspect the lid to ensure that the jar is still sealed, and that its security dimple has not popped up.
    NOTE: If you or another person have opened the same jar on a previous occasion, you may skip this step.
  5. Grasp the lid firmly with your left hand.
    NOTE: If you have grasped the jar with your left hand, you may grasp the lid with your right hand.
  6. In a smooth motion, use the pressure of both hands to rotate the lid counterclockwise while keeping the jar motionless..
    NOTE: If you have grasped the jar with your left hand and the lid with your right hand, you may find it difficult to exert enough pressure in a counterclockwise direction. If that happens, you may release the jar and lid, grasp the jar with your right hand, grasp the lid with your left hand, and repeat this step.
  7. Continue rotating the lid to the left until it is free of the jar.
  8. When the lid is free of the jar, stop rotating, lift the lid off the jar, and place it upside down on the table or counter.
    NOTE: Placing the lid upside down lessens the chance of spilling applesauce on the table or counter.
  9. When the lid is securely on the table or counter, let go of it.
  10. Let go of the jar.
  11. You may now use a spoon or other utensil to serve the applesauce. See Content farm: How to Serve Applesauce from a Jar

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