Tuesday 24 July 2012

What else didn't the government invent?

The blogosphere is all abuzz about an inane op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal in which alleged digital media expert Gordon Crovitz argued that the US government didn't create the Internet or the technology behind it, Xerox did. His argument is so wrong it's hard to know where to start rebutting it, but these articles give you the idea. Given that the history of the Internet is not exactly secret, where did this nonsense come from?

If you read the WSJ's opinion pages, it's pretty obvious. It's run by and for right wing loony toons who can't abide the idea that the government has ever done anything good, ever, and it has long been clear that its staff live a long way from the reality-based community. The editorial page nuttiness goes way back, before the Bancrofts sold the WSJ to Murdoch.

I expect to learn in due course that WW II was won by private enterprise, a combination of the privately owned factories that built planes and guns, and the CEOs who graciously allowed their employees leave to go fight. You read it here first.

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